About Megan Elaine

Hello! It’s nice of you to stop by. I’m a storyteller, writer, and photographer who lives in Franklin, IN.

I’m an artist and deep feeler. I am a coffee drinker and chai latte lover. I am dyslexic who empaces words, but comes at them from a different perspective. I am an introverted empath. I’m a home cook who loves to stay up till midnight to bake. I am light chaser and word scribbler. I am a homebody and I love to travel. I am a wife to the most wonderful, creative, supportive husband. Welcome to this little space.

I write to uncover truths and seek beauty. I write to find connection with others. I write to find myself, and untangle the bird nest of my thoughts. I write because I feel a deep instinct in my gut that tells me I need to. I write to feel a little brighter, and to find the light in this cloudy world.

This newsletter is a little bit of everything at the moment – from easys, to poetry, to photographs I’ve taken. I’ve had several attempts at starting a Substack, but those attempts were always at a time of cosmic change in my life, and writing here often went to the wayside. I’m back now, and ready to commit to making something of this space. This is me jumping in, a little messy, a little scared, but figuring it out along the way.

Thanks for being here, love.

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Website: itsmeganelaine.com

Instagram: @itsmeganelaine

Tumblr: thursdaysatthecafe.tumblr.com

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